January 28, 2013

Noddle Nosh #1

January 28, 2013

Irrefutable fact: the internet that we all know and love wouldn't be the same without cats.

We love nothing more than to speak through them, lending them our minds, emotions, email accounts, blogs and addictions. As a tribute to my partner's resident fuzz therapist who was recently picked for something I have been wanting to take part in since the project started, this edition of Noddle Nosh and the next 20 minutes of your life are respectfully dedicated to our guardian angels in furs.

-  Catnip: Egress to oblivion? This is the question asked by this Sundance-nominated 7-minute educational movie that lines up some of America's most forward-thinking feline and human minds to expound on the dangers of the mysterious substance known as catnip. Disclaimer: you might suddenly feel light-headed and experience visual distortions.

- Meanwhile in the UK, a behatted man called Max who fancies himself a bit of a cat controller is the hapless victim of a hoax perpetrated by his scheming fuzzball. If you were still in any doubt that the future belongs to the feline race, this 3-minute film will send shivers down your spine. You've been warned.

- Even Nick Cave has succumbed to the charms of the feline master race and lent his voice to a mesmerizing 8-minute animated short called The Cat Piano, thus proving that resistance is indeed futile.


  1. There's a Cat exhibition just started in London.

    I think you'd like to research it. There's a link below:


  2. Thanks Rashbre! I'm nowhere near London, regrettably. But I can always count on the internet to cater to my feline flights of fancy... Talking of which, here is the infamous helikitty: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OJQk1xZ8ME

  3. Yikes, I've not seen that kittycopter before. Waiting to see a similarly adapted cow jump over the moon.

    p.s. also read your listserve - which somehow popped up on my google+