December 05, 2013

To hearts!

December 05, 2013
To hearts!, via my Flickr photo stream
There was nothing remotely regular – or easy – about 2013, which makes it a year to remember. In a (very large) nutshell (perhaps a Coco de Mer shell, which coincidentally looks like a pair of buttocks):

     + sat civil service exams to become a customs officer in one of North America's most remote outposts

     + wrote the ListServe on Jan 24

     + celebrated my return to civilization with a cup of Tim's in Canada

     + traveled the entire width of North America

     + got engaged

     + attended a family wedding on stilts

     + decided not to return to one of North America's most remote outposts, or become a customs officer 

     + immigrated to the US 

     + got a library card that doubles up as a virtual key to the city of Seattle

     + walked 10 miles in flip flops on Vashon Island

     + witnessed my husband being congratulated by a doctor on my not having syphilis (the test was part of my immigration medical)

     + tasted my first Frito on July 4 while floating in the middle of Lake Union

     + spent a long weekend on the Washington coast eating lots of raw garlic, homemade pickles, and candy

     + snapped a brilliant picture of the stars and stripes flying over a row of Porta Potties

     + showed my picture of patriotic Porta Potties to an immigration officer during an official interview

     + won 39 games of Scrabble

     + read big chunks of the internet, and over 40 books

     + cleaned up innumerable cat poos that came out of two different feline backsides

     + started writing a book then recoiled in horror so I waited a few months and started another one I could truly pour my heart into, which I am currently doing

     + moved home

     + fell in love with life all over again 

     + learned how not to fall apart, because love is the glue that now holds me together

2013 was the year that turned love into geographical stability and two hearts got a brand new life, all thanks to this blog, which I started in 2011

2014 will be all about the nurturing of hearts, in every possible way. 
Thank you Mel for the post format idea. Also, you are so very right: it's all about Heart.